Lottie Moon Post Office opens November 24th


Our former “RA POST OFFICE” now has a new name. We are now known as the “LOTTIE MOON POST OFFICE.” Our opening day is November 24th. A list of names and numbers will be provided as an insert in the November 17th bulletin. Please use corresponding number in the upper right hand corner of your envelope. Also, put your return number in the upper left hand corner of the envelope. The cost is still ONLY 25¢ per item. All items can be dropped off at the Welcome Center along with money . Every quarter, and there will be lots of them, will all go toward the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Goal, which this year, is $28,000.00.

Please remember to check the Lottie Moon Post Office often,  giving the attendant your number. The Post Office will be opened on Sunday mornings, evenings, and Wednesday nights until Sunday, December 22nd.