New Discipleship Class begins Sunday, March 17th 5:00 PM Rm. 201

Join Dr. Ankerberg as he discusses how to overcome the fear of death, attempts to peek behind the curtain of death, what actually happens at the point of transition from life, to death, to heaven, and what the Bible teaches about the death of infants. You’ll discover encouragement and insight regarding some of the most difficult and vital aspects related to life after death. 

We will begin a New Discipleship Training Class on Sunday, March 17th @ 5:00 PM in Room # 201. Please make plans to attend this 8 week study. The Study is called, “What Will Happen to you ONE MINUTE AFTER YOU DIE?” Dr. John Ankerberg will lead the DVD series. 

# 1: What will you experience one minute after death?

#2: How to overcome the fear of Death.

#3: What happens to each person at the point of transition?

#4: What does the Bible teach about the death of infants?

#5: What will Glory be like for the Christian?

#6: What will hades be like for the Unbeliever?

#7: Does God know exactly when you are going to die?

#8: Do Christians who commit suicide go to Heaven?