Winter Bible Study begins January 5, 2020 @ 5:00 PM

Jeremiah served as a prophet during the final years of the Southern Kingdom (Judah). The Book of Jeremiah not only provides a record of his sermons, discourses, and prophecies but also gives us insight into his life and how to faithfully carry out God’s kingdom work in a challenging world. Jeremiah continually sought to turn people back to God in spite of their refusal to heed his warnings.

The focus of this study is to understand the heart of the prophet and the need for believers today to faithfully proclaim the truth of the gospel. Much like Jeremiah, we live in a world filled with rebellion against God. We too are called to proclaim God’s judgment against sin and offer the hope found in Christ. In this 2020 January Bible Study, we will examine the life and message of Jeremiah to gain insight into how believers today can be faithful to the call of God in our lives.

Session content:
1. Understanding His Call (Jeremiah 1)
God calls and assures His messengers for His service.
2. Courage to Tell (Jeremiah 26)
God gives courage to present His truth.
3. Judgment and Hope (Jeremiah 29–31)
Warnings of God’s judgment include hope for those who turn to Him in faith.
4. The Problem with Promises (Jeremiah 34)
Broken promises lead to greater judgment.
5. The Faithful Honored (Jeremiah 35)
Honor comes to those who faithfully fulfill their commitments.
6. God’s Eternal Word (Jeremiah 36)
God’s Word is indestructible.
7. No Compromise (Jeremiah 37–39)
God’s message must not be compromised regardless of the cost.
8. The Loving Messenger (Jeremiah 42–44)
God’s messenger must continue to love and hold out hope for people even when they reject the message.